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  • Run a contest in minutes
  • Easy, no-hassle management
  • Customizable entry rules
  • Increase reader loyalty
  • Build an opt-in mailing list
  • Gather user feedback & data

Example Contest Entry Form

Get a widget just like this for your website:

Start your contest in 5 minutes.

Customize rules and settings
Add prizes
Embed the widget on your site
Contact winners and send prizes.

See every entry. Track every step.

Monitor/disqualify any entry.
See real-time contest status.

Run your contest today

We've already run thousands of contests and have dozens more each week. Why? Our widgets are easy for bloggers, easy for readers, and increase participation. See for yourself and sign up today!

“I love, love, love your program! It has made running sweepstakes on several of our blogs very easy to manage.”

“The cool tool at ContestMachine sure helped making this contest easy (it even picked the winners for me!). If you’re going to have a contest, I seriously suggest checking it out!”

“It’s funny to see how a widget can make such a complicated thing as a competition really easy... the little thing just arouses a feeling of “I have to organize a competition right now!”.”

“This was so simple to use and quick! Very neat! I loved it and I hope I win that Lucky Oil...”

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